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Over 150 European Quality Stock Formulations in 

completely unprinted (blank) retail sizes ready for your own brand labels and distributing in beauty related enterprises, exporting to foreign countries, or selling online. We provide the containers and product. You provide the labels. 


203 Menthol Astringent Unlabled New Bottle copy.jpg

Unprinted Retail Products: As a second option, you are able to purchase the products in completely unprinted, pre-filled containers with a small minimum of at least 24 containers of each item. It is up to you to create product labels for these jars. Assistance for labeling is provided below. If you have any questions regarding this option, or regarding labeling, please feel free to contact us.

US Product labels must comply with FDA labeling regulations 21CFR701- Cosmetic labeling. You can find the labeling information for each of our products on our website or from our Product Manual. Each product will need the product name, directions, list of ingredients, and weight.  We require that you select a different product name to use for your own brand (not our stock  product names, ex. instead of "Menthol Astringent", company uses "Mint Toner")

This bulk method allows significant cost savings. In addition, you can keep a ready supply and conveniently filled containers as your product demand dictates.

S-102 Body Hydrating Milk Unlabled New Bottle copy.jpg
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